A8 Serial + WIFI + BT for iPad (Not Support iPad Mini2/Mini3/Air)


This server  1-48 hours need! MAX 72Hours

we will reply correct SN+WIFI+BT addres
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Support iPad below the CPU model:
All CPUs are supported by A4/A5/A6/A8/A9/A10;
Does not support A7 CUP (iPad Air/Mini2/Mini3)

Result sample 100% correct, check by factory source

F19Q5W5QG5MC    WiFi  54:4e:90:d9:2a:bd  BT  54:4e:90:d9:2a:be

F17RJB69G5MD   WiFi  00:56:cd:57:e8:a4  BT  00:56:cd:57:e5:38

DNPQ3HBLG5MD   WiFi  70:ec:e4:81:f9:7c  BT  70:ec:e4:81:f9:7d


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