Huawei Factory Unlock Code (All Levels)


This service will provide you with ALL level Huawei unlock codes

Result example:
8670580287020xx  AcBR+iZLstygTLPjlaZFZg==
8619440318319xx  MazE/0sqCv5SlQWUlt4jB8idyUZe3Kw5
8648850320628xx  xCd9Rc+Je8oKK9gTfR3EeDwyHl9QcKqpnZvhH7fH0N1QKmBPncuXJwL1ns/iHAdGA9YZsdk2oGqPAyATWY5Fz/fpeEPSpWEQ
8648850303397xx XKfvvvE6mFdmFJdoCdjrm1PjimmTfZrQA0hW2k9vobe9E5V1EIZI7Rf7NnsO3mCaTYLS3Jp9pHy/dZUI5U/mhdefJ53UUEdB

The results given will be DES encrypt format. Use des encrypt & decrypt online page, to decypt, you will get all levels codes.
Online des encrypt & decrypt:

How to use it?
copy our results (like AcBR+iZLstygTLPjlaZFZg==) and paste the string in the right blank, then click "Decrypt String" button. All levels of codes will show in the left blank. 

after result decrypt, 1st code is Network Code, 4th code is Reset Key in case if your phone is simlock blocked. Some IMEIs do not have reset key, only has NCK.


Please, Must Check Device is Asking For Code Before Place Order.
Please Check Device is Not Rooted And Not Hard Lock.
This is Auto API Service. Orders will Go in Process immediately after Submission.
In Process IMEI Not Possible To Cancel Please Do not Do A Mistake While Order.
Once order Placed Not Possible To Cancel Even it's Delay.

WARNING: The Codes Are Originally From Database & THIS SUPPLIER DO NOT PROVIDE any REFUND FOR WRONG CODE COMPLAINT, EVEN IF YOU PROVIDE A VIDEO PROOF. Do Not Force For Any Type Of Refund Or Verification 

Manufacturer: Huawei

Models: All

  • 1st code - Network code (Network PIN)
  • 2nd and 3rd codes are SP codes (Service Provider PIN)
  • 4th LAST code is the Simblock/Reset code (In case if your phone is Hardlocked)

    We do not accept any video proof for non working codes.
    No Verify / No refund / No cancel on this service strictly.
    Junk IMEI/Wrong IMEI NO refund.

Unlock is 100% Guaranteed even if you blocked [hardlocked] the unlock attempts.


Delivery time: 1-3 Days

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API