Passcode/Disable FMI: OFF Service for IP8/8P


IPhone Passcode And Disable Device iCloud Removal Service

After using this service, iCloud status will be off. ( FMI: OFF )

What is Passcode/Disable Service?: Used for iCloud removal of devices with Passcode and Disabled

Supported devices : The following models are supported on the activation screen. ( CDMA and GSM )

iPhone 8/8P

supported iOS versions: Only iOS 13.x supported.

How to use

1.Download Tool

Passcode FMI: OFF Tool Here

Jailbreak Here

  1. 1) Jailbreak without Disconnect Usb 
  2. 2) Open MinaRemoval 
  3. 3) Read token send us token
  4. 4) in first time not done need try 2/3 time if not success them cant be done

2. Place Order

copy token from Passcode Tool.
and submit with imei or serial.

3.Do Passcode FMI:OFF your iPhone, iPad

If your device iCloud password has not been changed by old owner, your Passcode order will be successful and device iCloud will be FMI:OFF.

if password changed then will get Error

if any eror on Jailbreak We have solution and last ios 13.4.1USB Restricted Patcher

Steps For USB Patch Tool

1- Enter your device Diagnostic mode Just Hold Volume Up + Volume Down While Booting You Will See Diagnostics   Mode.
2- Use minaUSB on Diagnostic mode to patch the device
3- Jailbreak Checkrain 10.1 after dfu made hold up+down wait until done
4- Patch usb again using mina usb patcher
5- Jailbreak again now boot normaly.


Delivery time: 0-6 Hours

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual