Official Server Credits

ServiceDelivery timePrice
Z3X Unlock Credits Pack (30 Credits)0-12 Hours$38.00
Z3X Unlock Credits ( 50 Credits Pack )0-12 Hours$62.00
SamKey Regular 3 Credit Account (Creates NEW USER)Instant$9.00
SamKey Regular 6 Credit Account (Creates NEW USER)1-12 Hours$14.00
SamKey Regular 10 Credit Account (Creates NEW USER)0-12 Hours$20.00
SamKey Regular 15 Credit Account (Creates NEW USER)0-12 Hours$30.00
SamKey Regular 20 Credit Account (Creates NEW USER)0-12 Hours$40.00
SamKey TMO Special 10 Credits0-12 Hours$21.00
SamKey TMO Special 20 Credits0-12 Hours$34.00
SamKey TMO Special 40 Credits0-12 Hours$64.00
SamKey TMO Special 200 Credits0-12 Hours$250.00
SamKey TMO Special 500 Credits0-12 Hours$580.00
LGE Credits (Setool) 1 Pack = 100 Credits0-12 Hours$36.00
Furious Gold Renew For 1 Year Support (69 Credit)0-12 Hours$69.99
DC Unlocker activation with 50 credits0-12 Hours$79.99
DC Unlocker activation LITE (0 credits)0-12 Hours$60.00
Octopus/Octoplus Server 500 Credits0-12 Hours$67.99
Octopus/Octoplus Server 300 Credits0-12 Hours$44.99
Octopus/Octoplus Server 200 Credits0-12 Hours$31.00
Octopus/Octoplus Server 1000 Credits0-12 Hours$135.00
Octopus/Octoplus Server 100 Credits0-12 Hours$20.00
Chimera Tool Credits (1199) For All Modules 12 Months0-12 Hours$140.99
Chimera Tool 500 Credits0-12 Hours$56.99
Chimera Tool 300 Credits0-12 Hours$38.99
Chimera Tool 200 Credits0-12 Hours$28.00
Chimera Tool 100 Credits0-12 Hours$20.00
ATF Network Activation (For Activation Require 49 Credits)0-12 Hours$46.99
ATF Jtag Credits (For Activation Required 39 Credits)0-12 Hours$46.99
Nokia Tool ( Ntool Credits Pack ) 200 Credits0-12 Hours$33.99
Nokia Tool ( Ntool Credits Pack ) 20 Credits0-12 Hours$10.00
Nokia Tool ( Ntool Credits Pack ) 1000 Credits0-12 Hours$96.99
Z3x Samsung Refil 50 Credits0-12 Hours$70.99
Z3x Samsung Refil 30 Credits0-12 Hours$47.00
Z3x Samsung Refil 100 Credits0-12 Hours$135.00
Setool 30 Credits0-12 Hours$72.00

Activations for Boxes and Dongles

ServiceDelivery timePrice
SPT-Box software activation for USTPRO20-12 Hours$95.00
SPT Box ( Yearly Activation)0-12 Hours$59.99
Polar Box 3 1 Year activation0-12 Hours$93.00
LG Tool Activation (For Setool)0-12 Hours$73.99
GB-Key Huawei module activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle (w/o GB-Key Activation)0-12 Hours$97.46
GB-Key Huawei module activation for Infinity [BEST] (w/o GB-Key Activation)0-12 Hours$97.46
zZKey SmartZ PRO Activation0-12 Hours$62.00
Z3x Samsung Pro Update0-12 Hours$79.99
Z3x Sam Tool Activation0-12 Hours$79.99
Z3x LG Tool Activation0-12 Hours$79.99
Uni Android Tool 1 Year Activation0-12 Hours$59.99
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation 2 year0-12 Hours$84.99
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation 1 year0-12 Hours$68.99
S-Module Activation for CS-Tool0-12 Hours$32.00
NsPro Yearly Activation0-12 Hours$39.99
Nck Dongle Activation (Yearly)0-12 Hours$35.99
Nck Box Activation (Yearly)0-12 Hours$35.99
Miracle FRP Pack0-12 Hours$47.99
Miracle 1 Year Account Activation0-12 Hours$39.99
inferno Tool Activatoin ( 1 Year )0-12 Hours$58.99
HDE Tools time license (2 Year Access)0-12 Hours$82.00
HDE Tools Time License (1 Year Access)0-12 Hours$75.99
GB-KEY HUAWEI MODULE0-12 Hours$70.99
Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST], Chinese Miracle-2 and 1 year support included0-12 Hours$70.99
Infinity-Box/Dongle 2 years Updates/Support Renew, Chinese Miracle-2 included0-12 Hours$67.99
Infinity-Box/Dongle 1 year Updates/Support Renew, Chinese Miracle-2 included0-12 Hours$49.99
Infinity Samsung `SM` software activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle0-12 Hours$24.99
Hua Dongle software activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle0-12 Hours$74.99
Hua Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST]0-12 Hours$74.99
GB-Key Activation (1 Year Licence)0-12 Hours$62.99
Falcon Activation for Miracle Key Dongle0-12 Hours$74.99
Chimera License (For Authunticator) Samsung 12 months0-12 Hours$89.99
Chimera License (For Authunticator) BlackBerry 12 months0-12 Hours$74.99
Chimera License (For Authunticator) All modules 12 months0-12 Hours$138.99
Sigma Pack 3 Activation0-12 Hours$70.00
Sigma Pack 2 Activation0-12 Hours$70.00
Sigma Pack 1 Activation0-12 Hours$70.00
Octopus / Medusa Box Samsung Activation0-12 Hours$80.00
Octopus / Medusa Box LG Activation0-12 Hours$81.99
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation0-12 Hours$111.99
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation0-12 Hours$55.99
Chimera Tool Credits (699) For Samsung 12 Months0-12 Hours$86.99
Chimera Tool Credits (599) For Blackberry 12 Months0-12 Hours$75.99